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Chang Woo Restaurant

Situated at the heart of Sohra, Chang Woo is an ideal place for your beautiful trip with your family and friends. With the touch of delicate Cuisine and an untold natural beauty of various sightseeing promising to leave you with an everlasting memory which you seek to have with your family and friends.


Located at the heart of Sohra, Chang Woo is door for several viewpoints leaving you a surreal experience of an unseen nature’s mystery with delicate blend of indegenious people and its culture.With the best places to visit in Sohra’s such as Khoh Ramhah, Seven Sisters Waterfalls, Thangkharang Park, Rainbow waterfalls

Bonfire Activities

It is always something special when we sit with our family and friends with a cup of coffee around a Bonfire. Moment fills with memories.With our special activities like Bonfire we promise to leave you with a journey full of memories.